The Best Services Available In a Cost-Effective Package

Carrier Services

Magenta provides carriers services for all types of companies. From Tier1s which require a personalized account manager, custom offers based on volume, and reciprocal agreements; to partners which are fast and flexible and may require self service portals, on-demand services and reseller options. We offer standard and premium quality a-z routes.

Software Development

We offer full cycle software development services from product planning to its support and enhancement. Our team of professional programmers uses a wide range of technologies and programming languages to develop software solutions in the following areas:
-Database Management Systems
-E-Commerce Systems
-Business Process Optimization systems (ERP, CRM)
-Internet Applications
-Programming of Network Tasks
-Computer games

Applications for iOS and Android
Our mobile development team will walk you through your mobile project and help you launch the app that you have in mind to gain traction with mobile users and optimize your business performance: We are highly experienced in mobile application development as well as user experience and interface design. With a strong focus on quality of software developed, transparent communication and an honest approach to the way we do business, our in-house team is ideally equipped to assist with every one of your mobile needs.
Hosted Softswitch and Billing
We offer cloud based hosted softswitches and billing for wholesale and retail voip business with 24/7 support. It’s very cheap and easy to start new voip wholesale or retail business with us with minimum investments. We can also help you with a-z termination. At the moment we can offer you the following products:

MVTS - softswitch
MVTS Pro - softswitch
MVTS II – softswitch+billing
Voipswitch – softswtich+billing
Port one –softswotch+billing
IP Studio AMBS + billing
Call Shops
Magenta Callshop is a simple and comprehensive solution for facilities allowing customers to make low cost international calls. It is fully manageable through a comprehensive web interface developed by Magenta:
- Modern looking and intuitive web interface in html 5 (support for smartphones and tablets)
- Operator accounts with limited privileges
- Admin accounts with full rights
- Booths/Cabins creation
- Rate plans management
- Profit & Loss reports
- Real-time active calls visual
Magenta PBX is a SIP-based, IP-PBX software that creates telephony systems for enterprises and service providers. Magenta PBX comes in three editions: Single-tenant, Multi-tenant (MT) and Contact Center Suite. Magenta designed PBX MT Edition to be used as a software platform for hosted telephony service providers with a true multi-tenancy feature. The Magenta Contact Center Suite (CCS) is the latest product derived from Magenta PBX that provides call capability as well as many other features that are required for a contact center.