• Russia Mobile CLI - 0.115$ Ukraine Mobile Kievstar CLI - 0.19$ Ukraine Proper CLI - 0.082$ Belarus Mobiles CLI - 0.25$
  • Azerbaijan Mobiles CLI - 0.26$ Armenia Mobiles CLI - 0.18$ Uzbekistan all CLI - 0.042$ UAE Mobiles all - 0.12$
  • Phippines Mobile Globe CLI - 0.099$ Israel Mobiles - 0.010$ Japan Mobiles - 0.032$ Kenya Mobile Safaricom - 0.03$


Carrier Services
Magenta provides carriers services for all types of companies. From Tier1s which require a personalized account manager, custom offers based on volume, and reciprocal agreements; to partners which are fast and flexible and may require self service portals, on-demand services and reseller options.


We offer switch and Class 4/5 billing solutions for carriers and retailers. Customized solutions, reliability and 24/7 support.

Mobile Applications

We are highly experienced in mobile application development as well as user experience and interface design. With a strong focus on quality of software developed, transparent communication and an honest approach to the way we do business, our in-house team is ideally equipped to assist with every one of your mobile needs.